Becoming a member of the St. Bart’s Players brings you into a social circle with other working professionals who share a common interest in performing and presenting live theatre.

For a membership fee of $75 per season (calendar year), you can reap the benefits of one of New York’s oldest and most exciting community theatres. Stay connected with other members through meetings and events.

Benefits include:

  • Wine & Cheese General Meetings, where you get to socialize and get the inside scoop on the current happenings of the Players!
  • Exclusive Members Only E-Newsletters that keep you in touch with things between General Meetings!
  • Priority Events, such as:
    • Private Meet & Greet with Directors & Artistic Staff prior to auditions!
    • Preliminary Auditions at which established members get the chance to be seen before new members!
  • Members-Only Events
    • Social Outings take place every 8-10 weeks, were we come together to karaoke, attend Broadway shows, Happy Hour at the St. Bart’s Café, and much more!
    • Annual Parties, such as the Curtain Call Ball and Holiday Sing-a-long
    • Special Membership Nights at Main Stage Productions with exclusive discounts!
  • Performance Opportunities
    • Main Stage Productions (Musicals & Plays) — Established Members get to benefit during casting for Main Stage Productions (70% of cast is pre-existing members, 30% of cast is new membership).
    • Non-Main Stage Productions are done throughout the season in a black box environment.
    • Fundraisers— Members can produce and sponsor their own performance events.
  • Classes & Seminars— Get access to our performance-related seminars at a discounted rate!
  • Volunteer Events, allowing us to give back to the local community that supports us!
  • Behind-the-Scenes Work— Ever want to be a producer, sound board operator, dance captain or the star behind the scenes? Sign up to do a crew on any of our Main or Non-Main Stage Productions!

Interested in Becoming a Member of the St. Bart’s Players?

We would love to have you join us! If you are interested, come to our next general meeting. Meetings are generally held at St. Bart's Community House - entrance at 109 East 50th Street. Click the E-NEWS button on the menu to the left for upcoming general meetings.

Your $75 dues may be paid at any of our general meetings. Checks made out to St. Bart's Players may also be mailed to: St. Bart's Players, 325 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022, Attn: Finance Committee.

Please reach out to for additional information.

Requirements of Membership

Pay dues. Your dues enable you to become a member of the Players and to enjoy all of the benefits of membership.

Join a committee for a year, and choose an area in which you are interested, such as fundraising, staff selection, marketing etc.

Participate in our Community volunteer events.

Earn Player Points - see the following section for details.

Attend general membership meetings whenever possible.


Earn Player Points for Audition Eligibility

In order to be eligible to audition for Main Stage & Non-Main Stage Productions you must earn Player Points. Player Points are based on either an approved membership position on the Board or hours worked at Players' events and productions throughout the year. All new members, however, will receive 65 Player Points at the point of joining.

  • Audition Eligibility: In order to audition for a Main Stage Production, you must have accrued 65 Player Points. To audition for a Non-Main Stage, you must have accrued 45 Player Points.
  • Volunteer & Earn Points Throughout the Season! When approved events that need assistance are announced at meetings or on E-News emails, sign up quickly so you can earn your points! There are even special events that will earn double points!
  • Production Player Points: Dedicate your time during a Main Stage Production to accumulate points based on your backstage or front-of-house role. In order to earn total points below, you must be present for Load-In/Out, Tech Week (as needed per production) and all scheduled performances.
    • Producer/Stage Manager: 185 Player Points
    • Assistant Producer/ASM: 165 Player Points
    • Production Crew (Running, Lighting/Spot, Sound, Costume, Props): 75 Player Points
    • House Manager/Box Office/Concessions: 65 Player Points
  • Deducting Player Points: If you are cast in a production, the appropriate amount of points will be deducted from your point bank: 65 Player Points performing in a Main Stage, and 45 Player Points for a Non-Main Stage. Small roles will have less points deducted, and will be determined by the Producer & Board of Directors post casting, however you must have the minimum amount to audition.
  • Tracking & Rolling Over Player Points: As long as you are an active paid member, your points will roll over into the next season. Inactive Players for more than two consecutive seasons will lose all previously banked Player Points. Event Leaders, Producers & the Production Director will be the keepers of Membership Player Points; however, as a Player you are also responsible for tracking your Player Points. For any questions regarding Player Points, contact Production Director Alex Farlow at Special individual scenarios will be reviewed by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.


Would you like to audition for a play or musical? Just pay your dues and commit to the obligations listed above. It's that simple! Audition dates and times will be announced on the St. Bart's Players Info-line (212-378-0217) and at this Web site.

Don't care to be in front of an audience? Join the St. Bart's Players community and become involved backstage. You are invited to help us with our productions through hands-on experience and build your skills behind the curtain.

To learn more, e-mail